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Inspired by her bestselling book, The Change Your Life Challenge, Brook's new Make Today Matter Life System brings step-by-step support, guidance, and a revolutionary approach to help you build your best life.

Thousands of women have come to this site as skeptics--wondering if Brook's programs could work for them. You'll find many of their kudos here. These women are now enjoying the positive, unparalled benefits offered by Brook's well-researched, comprehensive, step-by-step, proven programs.

If you think you have “tried everything” and there “isn’t any hope left,” think again. That is what hundreds of women thought prior to the Making Today Matter Life System.

Unlike other programs, the Make Today Matter Life System takes a fresh approach, incorporating internal and external exercises to foster lasting lifestyle change. Each Step is carefully outlined leaving no room for "guessing" how to make the program work. Organize your life, control clutter, prioritize and more with this innovative program.
The journey begins with the Make Today Matter Toolbox: 30 step-by-step guides you can work through at your own pace to help you save time, regain control, get organized, eliminate chaos and clutter, feel better, regain energy, build balance, and find more joy (You can download these 4-10 page guides or read them online) These guides cover 17 life areas and provide an ongoing system for achieving and maintaining life balance.
Live expert support through online events and forums hosted by Rhonda Miga, Brook Noel and the MTM Support Team message boards for each of the 30 lessons to help you find the support and answers you need quickly
Access to the MTM Library for printable worksheets, event transcripts, and exclusive printables
Reflect on your journey in an online private journal offering journaling questions and self-discovery prompts for each of the thirty steps
Build a Soul Food deck with inspirations or download cards designed by Brook Noel for Make Today Matter Members
Build friendships and meet other women in our positive topic-specific community forums. You'll find sharing circles for those over 50, women with newborns, work-at-home moms, women with their own businesses, women with ADD, mom of children with special needs, homeschooling and more
Enjoy the new Menus and Mealtimes service with three weekly menus each month complete with shopping lists and a recipe sharing board
Download the monthly Make Today Matter Magazine packed with tips and ideas to help control clutter, keep your home clean, achieve and maintain balance, and much more.
Priority Planning and Challenges from Brook Noel: Brook offers you a step-by-step workbook for effective planning to meet your goals each month. Throughout the week she also issues member challenges. Join in and interact with Brook on these special challenges to help you break through barriers and build balance and contentment.
Housework Helpers & Online Action and Accountability Area: Use our moderated online action room to get motivated and get things done along with rewards for total effort and consistency ($9.95 a month value)
Operation Ugly: Join Brook Noel the last Saturday of the month for Operation Ugly. A morning devoted to conquering the dirtiest tasks on your list. The ugliest to-do list receives a $200.00 not-so-ugly library. This is just one of many online events to help you take action.
Your choice of three specialized Mini-Workshops each month: These action-oriented Mini Makeovers are content-packed, specialized action plans to help you implement a desired change quickly. Each workshop includes a printable lesson (5-20 pages), action plan, message board and online accountability tools.